The Experience

Here is where DMS’s opportunity brings a tremendous advantage to what a typical outside sales position offers and why many have made the choice to become a successful Sales Agent with DMS.

You will represent fortune 500 and 100 companies to offer their products to millions of potential customers.

You will offer unadvertised discounted campaigns of various products, features, and services consumers nowadays want and need in their home.

You will not be placed in an office/cubicle environment with a phone attached to your ear the entire time you are working during the day and running appointment in the evening.

You will have the ability to sit down with your potential customers face-to-face and educate them on how you can enhance their overall experience with products, features, and services for their overall entertainment needs, while saving them money at the same this. This is a huge closing advantage.

A flexible schedule that allows you to work the hours you want not just when someone else tells you.
You will be provided a backend team for Human Resources, Payroll, Invoicing, Quality Control, and over 300 years of combined leadership is at your disposal, to ensure you’re a success at DMS.

Do you want to become a Sales Manager or Business Owner and run your own office/campaigns throughout the nation?
There is so much more that can be said about the advantages of becoming a dealer with DMS. Therefore, we encourage you to ask yourself the following:

Do I have an entrepreneur spirit?

I’m I willing to put in the time to learn DMS’s business model?

Do I want to work hard but smart at the same time?

Will I consistently apply myself to become a successful addition to myself and my peers at DMS?

If you answered yes to most if not all of these questions, we strongly encourage you to schedule an interview today!

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